Part Design For Manufacturing

Vitae’s Pharmaceutical Autocompounder

In the Summer of 2021 I worked with Vitae Industries to redesign parts on their Pharmaceutical Autocompounder with the goal of reducing costs and increasing durability

Challenges included:

  • Learning constraints and functions of different parts.
  • Communicating with manufacturers to make sure parts could be fabricated.
  • Working with the head engineer to understand design challenges.

I would redesign a part, make contact with a manufacturer to get a quote, and then iterate the design base on their feedback. was able to find cheaper, more sustainable manufacturing options for a critical part on their main product. I gained experience in SolidWorks and learned about different manufacturing processes and their constraints.

Below is an example of a part I redesigned for three different manufacturing processes:

CNC Machined (Aluminum) Sheet Metal (Steel) 3D Printed (PLA)